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About me



Alexandra Gapanovich is a young and promising clothes designer. She has acquired a profession of a designer and a cutter; she studied applied art in college as well. Alexandra is a constant participant of contests, exhibitions and international projects.

Best performances:

  • Namodnenie – 2003, 2004, 2007 (Murmansk)
  • I.G.L.A. – an international contest of young clothes’ designers (Moscow) 2003
  • Prêt-à-Porter on Pokrovka “Exercice. Shots for fashion industry”
  • Exposure in Exhibition Hall (Murmansk) 2005
  • The 4-th international Youth festival “Dialogue of Cultures” (Murmansk) 2007
  • Fashion Assembly (Moscow) 2008
  • Barents Fashion Week (Russia-Norway) 2008
  • Fashion Show in Norway 8-11 May 2009
  • Fashion Show within the frameworks of the Days of Norway (Murmansk) 2009


  • Special diploma “Namodnenie” (Murmansk) 2003, “Casual chic” collection
  • Grand Prix “Namodnenie” (Murmansk) 2004, “Urban flash” collection
  • The 4-th place “Exercice. Shots for fashion industry” (Moscow) 2004, "Urban flash” collection
  • The 1-st place “Namodnenie” (Murmansk) 2007, “Just gruel” collection

As Alexandra sais: “During all my life I have been designing clothes. My favorite hobby has become my favorite job. The inspiration comes mainly from events and people… I work in different techniques and styles, decorate clothes with applications and embroidery, create accessories as well. The most part of the collections are eclectic and ambiguous. I like to learn, I’m open to people and everything new”